Experienced Speaker

I am an exceptional and experienced speaker.

My skill is in training and designing an experience that allows learners to find a process that works for them to make the changes they desire.  I am a gentle, persistent, humorous and intelligent speaker/ facilitator.  My style is inclusive and experiential, knowledgeable and action oriented.  I am flexible and committed to being useful and to mend relationships for peace.   I draw from many sources and am always willing to admit that I might not know the answer.

This is a passion for me.  I have lived this myself on both sides of the conversation and I bring wit and compassion to my instruction.


I am available for:

  • keynote speeches,
  • presentations,
  • workshops
  • In-service trainings.


Dealing With Difficult People – I have done it as a 20 minute talk and a 3 hour workshop and many things in between.


Available topics include:

  • Changing Negative Workplace Behaviors; Dealing with the Impossible Person at Work.
  • Strategies for Dealing with “that” Difficult Person in Your Life.
  • How to know if you are a Difficult Person.
  • Dealing with Difficult Volunteers.
  • Motivation for Successful Team Members
  • Changing that Negative Relationship.
  • 4 Steps for Dealing with Difficult People.
  • Step Up to the Risk in a Difficult Relationship.
  • Loving What Is



Every group has a person who seems to chafe an irritate others.  We often feel powerless and wish the other would change.

Finally help is at hand.

Before you fire him or her, experience this workshop where we explore the process for identifying what we can do to create peace in the workplace of family or group.

We look at motivation and the reasons we do what we do, we identify the irritating behavior and learn how to describe it.  We define what we want to say and why we avoid it.

We put into action the process of identifying and discussing the issues with the difficult person.

We practice listening and we practice the conversation.  We do it more than once and with more than one person.

Everyone leaves with experience and a plan.  This workshop is hands on and practice, practice, practice.


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